Principal Activities

Prayer Ministry:  HCPC oversees and coordinates a monthly community prayer initiative and communicates special prayer requests to member churches as needs arise.

Promotion of Evangelism: HCPC will work to encourage and engage people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in love and grace, seeking the salvation and spiritual discipleship of everyone.

Pastor Meetings: HCPC coordinates a monthly meeting for member pastors in order to present relevant information and direction, to discuss legal issues and to report on outside activities and initiatives of outside organizations.

Community Meetings: HCPC organizes and sponsors periodic community meetings to communicate and encourage Christian values in all areas of life.

Voter Registration: HCPC works with the ecclesiastical community and other interested parties to encourage voter registration and participation in all elections.

Government Relations: HCPC works in Hood County and the city of Granbury with elected officials, as well as political candidates, to insure they are aware of the Christian positions on issues of interest to our community.

Media Relations: HCPC keeps local media informed as to Christian positions on issues of importance to our community and publishes through the media related information to inform the local population as to the reasons for particular positions taken by the ecclesiastical community.

Contact with Legal Counsel: HCPC maintains ongoing contact with legal counsel regarding activist activities both for and against the interests of the local Christian community.  HCPC keeps its membership informed as to activist developments both inside and outside our local community.

Fund Raising: HCPC receives tax deductible financial contributions from interested supporters either directly or through special fund-raising activities.

Dedicated to upholding Biblical righteousness in our community and our nation.